Saturday, January 12, 2008

RON PAUL: Who was the Shah of Iran?

Ron Paul mentioned that the Untied States should have stayed away from the event of Middle East and blamed all the terrorism and events of September 11, 2001 on presumption that in 1953 the United States by helping the Shah of Iran created the current problem of the Middle East.

Since American politicians all are suffering from a moral obloquy, they twist the facts in any which way they can to score points. But they do not understand that rhetoric of this nature will portray their sense of ignorance and at the end they will become the butt of international jokes.

The current events of Middle East did not start in 1953. In that year the Shah of Iran prevented the same Islamic radicalism or a communist take over that it surfaced its ugly head later in 1979, by the wrong policies of Jimmy Carter.

Rather than adhering to polices of previous U.S administration, Jimmy Carter and his cronies committed a depravity that the today’s world is still suffering. A mini Mussolini masqueraded himself as democratic freedom lover and Carter created a saint from the very obscure raggedy Mullah named Khomeini.

Khomeini started a very violent Islamic radicalism that gave inspiration to sub-humans like Ben laden. It is a direct quote from Ben laden himself that he said what Khomeini did was the impossible (referring to the take over of Iranian Empire). Ironically this is what Jimmy Carter said in1978 “the Shah of Iran is committed to democracy in Iran and the Iranian people will enjoy the reformation of democracy in Iran.” Since that date, more than a million Iranians have been killed or died in the war, execution in the hand of Islamic republic, tortures, assassinations, supposedly natural death in the prisons, and barbaric acts like stoning to death, cutting limbs and etc.

Reagan Administration did not do any better, they either appeased the Islamic Republic or created Jihadists like Ben Laden to fight the Soviet Union, and the end first Bush administration left the rats rot in their hole.

Every loss of life is tragic either American or non-American, but in occasions unless it does not happen so close, no one can feel the effect of the pain. Since 9/11 more than ten thousand American have been killed, now it is time to feel the effect of death that Iranians felt for the past 28 years.
United States has never honored friendship, every thing is an interest. This is something that at least you might try to change, because loyalty creates more interest, interest will not create any loyalty.

It is not known if you are familiar with the policies of regimes like Islamic Republic in Iran, but for your knowledge their entire foreign policy is set out as crisis with the United States. That is why Moslem radicals enjoy exposing the United States to great odium. It is a policy to humiliate the United States. That is how they score against the mass of people in that region. It is sometimes ridiculous that politicians try for the hearts and minds of the people with bunch of candies or soccer balls.
This country needs more friends and allay like the Shah of Iran, and if there is any form of democracy possible in that region of the world, it can not be resurrected in the heart of the Islam. It must come on basis of nationalism.

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