Thursday, January 11, 2007

Netanyahu beating the drum of war again

I am an Iranian Jewish living in the United States and I frequently travel to Iran. One striking point is the vast improvement of religious tolerance in Iran. There are Jews, Christians, Moslems, Zoroastrians living in that country and with the exception of few, everyone dreams to get ride of the Islamic regime and be free of any kind of religious apartheid. This Islamic theology has done its best to create enemies either domestically or internationally. The difference is the domestic enemies of the Islamic regime are genuine and the international ones illusory.

Recently, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu (the leader of Likud Party and former prime minister of Israel) is drumming the beat of war against this regime. It was amazing to hear his analyses about this Islamic Republic regime in a CNN program (Glen Beck), that Mr. Netanyahu compared the Islamic Republic in Iran to Nazi Germany of 1930’s. IN 1930’s Germany, Hitler’s resolve was, to concur the world with his military might, his propaganda was not phony, and he enjoyed from great sense of nationalism from German people, but the Islamic regime in Iran has no support whatsoever from the Iranian people. The atrocities and savagery that this regime has shown toward the Iranian people (ironically most of them Moslems) has eradicated any support from all the classes of the society in Iran. Its entire support has been limited to bunch of raggedy Arabs in south Lebanon and backward regimes like Syria and Cuba. Every show that it put out on international and national news media is staged. Its support has eroded to a point that, it has resorted to hire Arab and Afghan mercenaries to replace its own forces. All the effort of this regime is to create international crisis to confront the people of Iran.
Mr. Netanyahu also calls the theocracy regime in Iran a religious messianic cult of Mehdi seeking to destroy America and Israel. He forgot that the same Israeli government continuously helped the same despotic regime through out the Iran-Iraq war by selling weapons and negotiation of American hostage crisis in 1979-1981 (details are indicated in a book by Ari Ben-Menashe titled “Blood Money”. And the European Union has continuously prevented the demise of this regime and more importantly this fundamentalist ideology throughout its 28-year history.

Although it is true that the mullahs and ayatollahs and their cronies like Ahmadi-Nejad are continuously preaching anti American and Israeli propaganda, but the true nature of this regime is survival. This regime needs Israel and the United States to be its Wag the Dog enemies to eternity. This is the only way of survival and diversion of attention from its economical and social problem inside Iran. This deception has been known to Iranians since the early 1980’s by seizure of U.S. embassy in Iran, holding American Hostages in Iran for more than a year, and the continuation of the senseless and devastating war for eight years.

The deterrent factor is an effective confrontation against this form of fundamentalism as Mr. Netanyahu opposes. Among more than 10,000 suicide bombings that have taken place since September 11, 2001, how many Ayatollahs, mullahs, or cult leaders like Ahmadi-Nejad have participated in any suicide mission? Or among all those suicide bombings in Israel alone, how many of the bombings were done by people like khaled mashael, Yasser Arafat, shiek Yassin, Nassrolah or many more vile and scum like those people? The answer is none. If you are sick of this ideology, what you will have to do, is to cut off its economic aids, and be sincere when the treat of force is used. A simple threat has worked perfectly well against this regime. In two occasions in 1980’s President Ronald Regan kept warning the Islamic regime against the mining of Persian Gulf repeatedly but to no avail. Finally after sinking the ship which it was being used to lay mines and capturing its crew, they ended this practice.

Mr. Netanyahu is trying to distinguish between the so-called peaceful Islam and radical militant Islam. There is no distinction between those two. People in the Islamic countries are unfortunately have succumbed to this religion due to a force of nature known as birth and their fertile imaginations have been set by a violent and zealous ideology. Until a proper education or sense of nationalism prevails, they will all be the same suicide bombers that are landed in Israel, Iraq, and any other place that these cult leaders direct them to.

All the rulers of these monocratic and tyrannical regimes and insane ideology are interested in surviving to spread their venomous idea to other societies (as it can be seen in Europe) and to leech resources of every decent society (both mind and wealth). Their motto of martyrdom is not for themselves; it is for those poor souls that they have become devoid of understanding either by brain washing or heavy medication to conduct their murderous acts. Thus, it is strange that The United States and Britain have been contemplating Islam as a democracy for the entire region and they have loved this type of so-called Islamic democracy!(theology) so much that they have recently installed one in Afghanistan, and are establishing another one in Iraq. George Bush brings the ABULAZIZ HAKIM, a murderous mullah to the white house and poses with him in front of cameras, and even there is the talk of replacing the current prime mister of Iraq with him (the same thing happened in Iran in 1979, when at the beginning of the revolution, one like prime Minster MALIKI-a semi mullah with a tie and a suit and half-shaved beard- came to power and later he was replaced by a mullah).

The demise of Saddam Hussein happened after launching a few missiles toward Israel. Mr. Netanyahu lobbied so hard until finally U.S got involved with a war that has killed so many people that the death toll will surpass the genocide of holocaust in the next few years. And now he has been beating the same drum of war against Iran only to get the Iranian people killed, for to tame this hated Islamic theology. Why does he not lobby to stop those European vultures to stop their economical and military aids to the mullahs, so the Iranian people can once and for all to get themselves and the world ride of such a cancer?
In the case of Iran the solution is not an aerial bombardment or a land invasion. The Iranian society has advanced to a point that one spark, will engulf the entire fundamental Islam to the brink of extinction. It is not known if the west is ready to loose its Ace in that region of the world yet.

It has been a known fact in any modern society that religion is always at odds with democracy. In a democracy there is tolerance of different ideology and thinking, but no religion can tolerate different thinking. This is true especially about Islam. It is the only religion which has the punishment of death for anybody either its own faithful or a non-believer to reject its fundamentalism. Yet The United States and Britain have made a religious division in Iraq since the 2003 invasion and continuously referred to the social structure of Iraq as SUNNI, SHIIA, and Kurds and it then has produced more terrorists and suicide bombers. They have never tried to promote democracy based on the nationalism. It is like to divide the American society as Catholics, Protestants, and Jews to try promote democracy based upon the religious ideology.

any form of invasion of Iran will set back the demise of this regime for decades, because it is what the Islamic Republic is wishing the ALLAH brings about on IRAN.

By: Dr. D. Kohan

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