Monday, December 4, 2006

Andy Rooney of 60-minutes please read this

Dear Mr. Rooney;
I wanted to express my opinion regarding your comments of 10/22/06.
The entire classic case of Iraq if it can be put in legal term, it would be “post hoc ergo propter hoc”.
It was shallow to just criticize George W. Busch. The reason is that you are a student of history as I am. You have witnessed a historic event of German surrender. You do not need to go back more that 60 years to remember the events, but the event that I am referring happened in 1978-1979.
This is the era that Carter Administration, helped the demise of a close friend and created an enemy that which has become epidemic in the simplest term. This is Islamic fundamentalism (as President Bush put it Islamic-fascism). It is not only spilling over the entire Middle East but also spreading like a plague across the Europe and America. No U.S policy maker through five administrations has either recognized the deviousness of this ideology, or ever understood how to deal with it. It was created to destroy one enemy, but it turned into a bigger enemy. You need to ask, the president Carter, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, and all others who have appeased and meddled with this Frankenstein monster, to stand up and admit their mistake. To this date Dr. Brzezinski is still promoting this doctrine.
I remember when in the fall of 1978, every night Walter Cronkite jokingly and in jest was ridiculing the Shah of Iran, but I do not think he could have imagined, 28 years later, so many young Americans come back home from the Middle East in coffins as a result of that.

Once one said “if you do not know who your enemy is, you are a fool, but if you do know who your enemy is, but you ignore it, you are a bigger fool, but if you know who your enemy is and you help your enemy, you deserve what is coming to you”.

By: Dr. Allen Shams

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